Urinal Mats

Urinal mats are the first line of defense when it comes to controlling bathroom odors, but only if they’re maintained. If a reliable provider manages your urinal mats, bathroom odors will be your Honolulu business’s last concern,

No owner or employee has the time to clean up after each urinal use. Businesses need long-lasting, convenient, odor control solutions for their bathrooms. They need Dust-Tex mat service!

Urinal Mats for Your Commercial Restroom

Dust-Tex mats are the easiest and most effective solution to your urinal maintenance needs:

Easy to Install for Full Convenience

Our bathroom mats are made for easy and safe usage! No matter how busy you are, keeping your restroom affairs in order is quick and convenient with mats from Dust-Tex.

They’re also easily managed! With regular cleaning and maintenance, your floors will always be protected.

Provides Long-Lasting Odor Control Solution

Our urinal mats do not give you a false sense of cleanliness. Instead of masking the odors, it will prevent the accumulation of urine deposits that create the odor. This leads to cleaner, longer-lasting, and true freshness in your restrooms – no matter how busy your business may be!

Prevents Urinal Clogging and Staining

Dust-Tex’s urinal mats do not only help prevent foul odors in your urinals. They also help block large particles from entering your drains that may cause clogs and backflows.

Easy Supply Replenishment Only by Dust-Tex

Dust-Tex takes care of your inventory! Our resupply service ensures a consistent bathroom mat supply so you can put your fears of shortages behind you.

Dust-Tex Makes Restroom Care Easy and Hassle-Free

Dust-Tex specializes in making life convenient for our clients. Our urinal mat service comes with the assurance of on-time, automatic supply replenishment. We’ll help you stay on top of your inventory so you can focus all your energy on the more important matters in your business.

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