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Restaurant Towels

Handling the Tough Messes

When a spill occurs, you need highly absorbent restaurant towels on hand to take care of the mess. Your facilities should be clean at all times, especially in the food service industry. As a local business, we understand the importance of maintaining a good image in a close-knit community. Your reputation is everything.

Our restaurant towels can handle the grimiest wine glass and the greasiest spills. Take a look at our restaurant and hospitality towel options, then contact us to learn more about our local services!

Bar Towels

Wipe up spills the moment they appear with our absorbent bar towels.

Utility Towels

Our utility towels can handle any kind of grease or residue.

Glass Towels

With our glass towels, every single glass in your restaurant will shine.

Hand Towels

Nothing says luxury like a cloth hand towel. We also offer oshibori towels.

Bath Towels

Invest in quality bath towels for your hospitality business.


Our washcloths will leave your guests feeling clean.