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Glass Towels

glass towels

Used by a variety of industries to make windows and glasses crystal-clear, glass towels have many applications for your business’s use. 


If you own or manage a restaurant, you have the most to gain from glass towels. Items that benefit from glass towel use are:

– Drink glasses

– Silverware 

– Plates 

– Decor

Because it takes minimal effort and no chemicals to make your restaurant’s glasses and silverware shine when using a glass towel, you don’t have to worry about smells bothering guests or inexperienced employees breaking or dropping clean and expensive items. 

Glass towels also benefit the kitchen. When a meal is plated, any misplaced item can throw off its balance. When a droplet of dressing lands on the plate’s brim, you want something that will pick up the spill and leave the brim neater than before. A glass towel will do just that. 

You won’t have to worry about scratching sensitive surfaces with a glass towel. Delicate china and other fragile items meet their match when you use a glass towel on them. Stainless steel, an easily scratched material, is also no match for the glass towel.

Business Offices

If your business has glass doors or partitions, the clairity of that glass can be a yardstick for the general maintenance of the office and its functionality as a whole. A clean and clear glass is as indicative of care or concern as a dirty one is. Put on the cleanest show possible with the help of glass towels.

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