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Hospitality Towels

hospitality towels

The quality of towels in a hotel room is a good indicator of the hotel’s service and concern for their guests. If a hotel stocks its rooms with scratchy, thin, or degrading hospitality towels, that’s a bad sign. Give your guests no reason to question their choice of lodging with high-quality hospitality towels from Dust-Tex. 

Wide Selection 

With Dust-Tex, you get professional-grade materials and the variety of towels needed to run your business. 

We offer:

Hand Towels

Hand towels are essential in any bathroom. No one wants to dry their clean hands on a large bath towel or washcloths intended for the shower, so hand towels are a must-have. Our hand towels are the perfect size to get the job done. 

Absorbance and plushness won’t be an issue when you get towels through Dust-Tex. We monitor every hand towel to ensure it is of a quality and toughness to satisfy any requirement. If our standards aren’t met, you won’t be getting that towel. 

Bath Towels

Everybody loves a good, hot shower. What doesn’t get any credit for that experience is the towel that’s used afterwards. And it’s a wonder why. No matter how relaxing a shower is, if the towel used afterwards is lacking, then the whole experience suffers. If it’s too scratchy, you’ll be uncomfortable. If it’s non-absorbent, you’ll be left cold and wet. 

It takes a quality towel to produce a quality bath. Bath towels from Dust-Tex eliminate the possibility of a shower ruined by poor towel quality. 


There are few better compliments to a nice shower than quality washcloths. If a group is sharing a soap bar in their room, they’ll appreciate having washcloths on hand. Washcloths make body washing easier.

Dust-Tex offers high-quality washcloths that are both comfortable and durable.

Dust-Tex is Your Hospitality Towel Service

For all of Honolulu and Oahu’s hospitality towel needs, Dust-Tex has the professional materials to get the job done. Aside from high-quality hospitality towels, we also provide top-notch mats, mops, restroom products, uniforms, tablecloths, and napkins. Dust-Tex is here to make your job easier. To take advantage, call us at (808) 842-4811 and ask about a free quote!