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holiday menu

Holiday Menu Ideas for Your Restaurant

No one can escape the holiday spirit, not even in Hawaii! Though you’ll find few winter wonderlands here, there’s still plenty of ways to bring the season in. Adding holiday food items to your menu is a wonderful way to do just that.

restaurant towels

3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Restaurant Towels

Running a restaurant is busy work! You’re constantly on your feet, making sure customers are happy and that the food service is running smoothly. But when was the last time you thought about your towels?

summer drinks

7 Summer Drinks for Your Hawaiian Restaurant

Aloha! Nothing screams Hawaiian summer more than a tall, cold glass of island-inspired beverage overlooking the blue horizons.

slip-and-fall accidents

How to Avoid Slip-and-Fall Accidents in Your Restaurant

Do you know how to prevent slip-and-fall accidents in your restaurant? Slip-and-fall accidents rank as the top reason restaurants get sued and it’s easy to see why.

matching table setting

Tips for Matching Your Napkin and Tablecloth Colors

Choosing tablecloth and napkin colors is about more than just finding a hue that you like or that matches your theme – it’s also about making sure the individual colors that you pick work well together. Otherwise, the whole aesthetic of your restaurant table could be ruined. So, before you make any long-term investments in […]

holiday events in honolulu

Must-Do Holiday Events in Honolulu

Even though there’s not going to be any snow in Oahu this season, that doesn’t mean that we don’t know how to celebrate the holidays.

commercial kitchen safety

Kitchen Floor Safety

There are many things that could easily go wrong in a commercial kitchen. In its confined space come together a host of potentially hazardous materials.