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7 Summer Drinks for Your Hawaiian Restaurant

summer drinks

Aloha! Nothing screams Hawaiian summer more than a tall, cold glass of island-inspired beverage overlooking the blue horizons.

So, we’ve created a list of cocktails and mocktails to add to your restaurant menu that will bring Hawaii’s sun, sand, and sea right to your tables. Trust us, the tourists will love these.

Tropical Beverages Your Customers Will Love

Explore this assortment of cocktails and mocktails perfect for every kind of diner at your restaurant:

1. Blue Hawaiian

This is a quintessential Hawaiian drink, invented by the 50s, inspired by Elvis, and an homage to Hawaii’s azure seas, tropical fruits, and the spirit of island chill. Fancy a non-alcoholic alternative? Try this mocktail recipe!

2. Hawaiian Island Surfer

It’s fruity. It’s summery. And it has the colors of the tides and the sunset – plus the alcohol is completely optional.

3. Pineapple Lassi

The pineapple tiki is your lighter and heartier answer to the classic piña colada! This beverage is a fruity combination of fresh pineapples and yogurt and has zero alcohol, giving you the same refreshing, creamy and tropical piña colada vibes sans the buzz, making this the perfect Hawaiian drink for the young and old!

4. Lava Flow

This chic sunset drink will be a fan favorite, what with its beautiful pink strawberry puree that is a fitting reminder of the mesmerizing beauty of Hawaii’s flowing lava. It’s a piña colada on steroids – strawberry steroids – and looks great on the ‘gram.

5. Kona Coffee-Tini

Take Hawaii’s favorite picker-upper and pair it with some coconut rum for a truly signature Hawaiian drink!

6. Eureka Tiki Punch

This punch bears the colors of Hawaii’s beautiful sunset and the freshness of its tropical bounty. Add some edible flowers to the punch bowl and into each individual glass to bring the luau to each serving.

7. Hibiscus Iced Tea Sparkler

Perhaps the simplest – but definitely not the least interesting – on this list bears one of the most well-known icons of Hawaii: hibiscus! This is perfect for diners who are looking for more of Hawaii from their drinks but are not willing to venture into the unfamiliar, as well as for families with little kids. This uses hibiscus tea and a touch of creative garnishing.

Which of these summer drinks are you looking to add to your menu this season?