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Honolulu Linen Service Excellence With Dust-Tex

  • October 08, 2020
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Signing up with a linen service for your business is one of the best decisions an owner or manager can make. The only thing better is working with the best Honolulu linen service: Dust-Tex!

Here’s why we remain the best linen service this side of the islands:

Decades of Honolulu Linen Service Has Refined Our Practices

Dust-Tex has taken care of the linen service needs of Honolulu businesses since 1981. Whether it’s making sure they’re always supplied with clean mops and mats or company uniforms every task is approached with professionalism and expertise.

Each year that we have been in business is a year we’ve spent doing the work and refining our practices. As a result, each delivery is at its cleanest, most functional, and most presentable condition.

Customer-Service Orientation and Philosophy

Delivering the service is not the hardest part. It’s making sure that the service suits your needs and meets your standards. And that’s a challenge we face every day. This is why we make sure that our communication lines are always open.

No concern of yours is ever too small, too mundane, or too unimportant. If it’s from a customer, you say it, we’ll hear it, and we’ll do something about it.

It’s all too easy for businesses to say they will deliver good customer support. But here at Dust-Tex, our only promise is to treat your business like our own. As such, we treat our customers the way we’d like to be treated when signing up for Honolulu linen service. And that is with respect and understanding.


We will always pick up the phone – that’s a Dust-Tex promise!

Emphasis on Hononlulu Linen Service Cleanliness

Cleanliness is embedded in our company’s foundations. Dust-Tex was born out of our mother company, Hakuyosha, whose specialization in clean living, expert dry cleaning, and laundry services we’ve inherited.

Every value we have as a company stems from that commitment to service and cleanliness.

We have outstanding products to choose from.

Aside from our services, Dust-Tex is easily your best resource in Honolulu for the highest quality selections of commercial textiles and garments. Every item in our rental supply catalog – from our restaurant linen essentials to our selections of commercial towels – has been through a series of quality control procedures to test their quality, durability, overall functionality, and appearance to make sure that they serve you their purpose in the most satisfying way.

Get Started with Dust-Tex Today

Ready to jumpstart your linen service experience with Dust-Tex? There’s no better time than now! Head on over to this page and send us your service inquiries or call us at (808) 842-4811 to speak with our reps and get started.