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Dust-Tex: Cleaner Mops, Safer Floors

Your mops may be spreading more germs than they are eliminating! Upgrade your business space’s cleanliness and hygiene by upgrading the way you clean floors with Dust-Tex.

Dust-Tex offers a wide variety of dust and wet mops to take care of all your floor care needs:

Dust Mops

Our dust mop products are available in both treated and untreated varieties to ensure that you get the best and cleanest results that suit your business and floor types. Our dust mops are also available in different sizes to address your cleaning needs – no matter how big or how small they may be. We have 24-inch, 30-inch and 42-inch options.

Wet Mops

Don’t fall prey to the dangers of poorly-maintained, untreated wet mops and get a regular supply of safe, effective, and thoroughly-cleaned wet mops to keep stains, dirt, and disease-carrying bacteria off of your floors. Choose from among our selection of wet mop options and get the kind that best suits your floor type. We offer microfiber mop heads, cotton mop heads, handles, buckets and ringers.

The Dust-Tex Brand of Convenience and Quality

A mop, with improper or negligent maintenance, may be harboring sickness-causing bacteria. And using poorly maintained mop products may be costing you too much time in cleaning without getting the results that you want and need for your floors.

Dust-Tex will help you get rid of all that with our commercial mop services!

With Dust-Tex, you get the assurance of a steady and on-time delivery of clean mop products that are not only durable but are designed for a more effective, more efficient clean for your floors. Dust-Tex saves you time, effort, and money and helps you make sure that keeping your floors at the cleanest, best condition is never too impossible or too difficult to achieve.

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