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Microfiber Wet Mops

Microfiber Wet Mops

There is no excuse for sub-par floor cleanliness, especially in a business space. Take your cleaning further with better microfiber wet mops only from Dust-Tex!

Microfiber Wet Mops for Your Business

We have the best of everything microfiber wet mops should be:

  • Better cleaning power than regular mop heads. Microfiber mops are more effective at picking up impurities as well as having antibacterial capacities, making them your most ideal option for your most crucial cleaning needs. Regular mop heads can’t boast the same microbe-grabbing abilities as microfiber.
  • Superior durability that’s ideal for heavy-duty use. Results are ensured with Dust-Tex microfiber mop selections – even with your heavy-duty cleaning needs! We have handpicked these mops for their superior quality and durability so you can finally have the cleaning tool that matches your energy and exceeds your toughest floor cleaning challenges.
  • Made even better with Dust-Tex maintenance service. Our microfiber wet mop supply service comes with our professional maintenance and weekly exchange service so you will always have access to clean, safe microfiber mops for every shift.

Next-Level Cleaning with Dust-Tex Microfiber Wet Mops

What does quality look like? At Dust-Tex, quality mop service looks a lot like this: clean, durable microfiber mops, reliable delivery and pickup service, and cleanliness that leaves no trace of doubt. We won’t jeopardize convenience for quality, or quality for convenience. They go hand-in-hand, in every delivery, to give your janitorial service the clear-cut advantage.

We cut the time and the hassle so you can simply focus on getting your stuff clean, putting your brand forward, and getting the best results for your floors.

Honolulu’s Best is Within Reach

There’s a reason why we remain the best and most trusted in Honolulu for mop services and more. Give us a call today at (808) 842-4811 to know how we can help your business!