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Restroom Products

It only takes seven seconds to make a first impression. Leave a good and clean one with spotless and fully-stocked restrooms for your business space with the help of Dust-Tex restroom services!

We have a full range of restroom products to keep your commercial restrooms fully-stocked at all times!

Dust-Tex is your one-stop shop for everything you need for outstanding and hygienic restrooms that will impress your clients and employees alike. Choose from among our restroom products!

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Air Freshener

Combat foul odors with our mango citrus air freshener scents! Keep the good aroma going with our air freshener dispensers designed for continuous commercial use.

Urinal Screens

There’s no excuse for a smelly bathroom. Our efficient urinal screens will mask the unfortunate odors of your public restroom.

Urinal Mats

Our urinal mats keep your restroom floors clean and free of any visible puddles or stains.

Why Work with Dust-Tex?

Dust-Tex offers the most convenient alternative to maintaining the upkeep of your business restrooms. Our range of high-quality restroom products are designed for commercial use. The quality and appearance of our restroom products will set your restrooms apart from household restrooms and are guaranteed to impress and satisfy both your clients and your employees.

But more than the excellent product selection, what Dust-Tex offers you is the convenience – of never having to run out of restroom products, of never having to make last-minute supermarket runs over small items, of never disappointing your restroom users and of always being on top of every corner of your business – including restrooms.

Your restrooms will become the last and least of your worries with the help of Dust-Tex!

Make the switch to Dust-Tex today!

There’s no time like now to make that big switch to an improved restroom for your business. Call (800) 456-0112 to get started – and we’ll throw in a free quote for you!