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Bib Aprons

bib aprons

No one understands your local business as deeply as another local business can. For your topnotch bib apron needs, there’s only one restaurant linen and garment service provider in Honolulu that is worth your trust: Dust-Tex!

Honolulu’s Best Bib Apron Service

Dust-Tex prides itself on many things, and topping that list is the unmatched quality of our garments, including our bib aprons. Each item in this selection has been sourced from some of the most reliable garment manufacturer and has been put through the strictest quality control practices to guarantee quality:

 – Made of heavy-duty fabric to ensure durability to withstand frequent washings

 – Available in a range of colors

 – Customization options available to match your branding

 – Provides full-length coverage to protect tops and pants against stains

 – Multifunctional and ideal for use both for front- and back-of-the-house purposes

Ideal for Use Across Different Food Businesses

Dust-Tex bib aprons are perfect for every kind of food business:

 – Restaurants

 – Cafes

 – Butchers

 – Food Trucks

 – Bars

 – Bistros

 – Catering Businesses

 – Bakeries

 – Commissaries

Quality is What Makes Us Stand-Out

Here at Dust-Tex, the standard of the services we deliver is built on the belief that quality and convenience are not mutually exclusive. That is why our services are designed to bring you both – and more.

Our selection of bib aprons have not only been handpicked to guarantee that they are in the appearance and quality that you need them to be, but we also make sure that the pick-up and delivery services are accurate, on-time, and scheduled to work around your own needs.

With Dust-Tex we can assure you that you do not have to choose between quality and convenience – Dust-Tex makes sure you get both and more.

What are you waiting for?

Stock up on Honolulu’s best aprons from Hawaii’s best linen and uniform service provider! Contact Dust-Tex today at 808-842-4811 to learn more or get started.