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Utility Towels

utility towels

No matter what messes your restaurant faces, we have the utility towels ready to take them on. Everything from hot pan handling and stove degreasing to full-drink spills and post-meal cleanups, our utility towels have your business covered.

When it comes to cleaning tough messes in your kitchen or back doors areas, you need strong towels that will stand the test of time. Look no further than utility towels from Dust-Tex.


Our towels are absorbent enough to clean up liquids thoroughly. Grease that soaks and consumes lesser materials will meet its match with our densely-woven, thick, cotton utility towels.

Don’t spend valuable time wiping and re-wiping spills. Get the job done fast and hassle-free with our utility towels. 


Fraying, thinning, or cheap utility towels will never be a problem when you get them through Dust-Tex. We pride ourselves on providing the best and longest-lasting products for your business, and our towels are no exception.  

And, when it’s time to replace your utility towels, Dust-Tex will pick up the old and drop off the new. We’re here to make your job easier. 

Quick Drying

If you like to get more than one or two uses out of your towels, you’re looking at the right provider for the job. Though plush and thick, our utility towels start drying as soon as they trap the liquid. Just rinse, wring, and they’re ready for the next mess. 

Dust-Tex Has Your Back

Regardless of quality, all towels run their course and need washing. There’s no need to keep them longer than necessary. When ready, we’ll pick up the used towels and bring a fresh batch to your door. 

Made from high-quality, durable materials, the only thing our utility towels can’t do is keep the messes from happening. If you’d like to learn more about our towel services, call Dust-Tex today at (808) 842-4811. We look forward to working with you.