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Dust Mops

From small businesses to large facilities, Dust-Tex offers the best dust mop service in all of Honolulu! We have everything you need for a satisfactory dust mop service – with great product quality and even better maintenance services.

Dust-Tex offers Honolulu’s most dependable dust mop rental service, making sure to tick every box on your checklist:

  • Better cleaning capacity than low-quality dust mops elsewhere. We have picked some of the best quality dust mops in our rental service to give you better results with each clean.
  • Durable and long-lasting. Our dust mop selection is ready for the hardest hitting and toughest of cleaning needs! We ensure durability for our dust mops so you can do more and get more out of your cleaning.
  • Professional maintenance by Dust-Tex. Dust-Tex uses precise science and proven-and-tested mop maintenance experience to make sure that each dust mop that comes your way is at its cleanest and safest, ready to tackle any floor.

Do You Really Need a Mop Rental Service?

What can your business gain, if at all, from signing up for a mop rental service? A lot, actually. What most business owners and managers don’t realize is the amount of time and money saved from proper mop use and maintenance.

Day after day, your mops do so much work making your floors safe, clean, and presentable. The right quality of mops can take your simple cleaning further – by increasing cleaning coverage, by cutting down on the time needed to get your facility cleaned, by keeping your floors in their best shape, and preventing damages. The right mop maintenance can keep your mops working in their best capacity without eating up so much of your time and effort on their upkeep.

With the right mop rental service from Dust-Tex, you save your company from the time and cost of floor care plus improved results with less effort.

Microfiber Wet Mops Also Available

Our microfiber wet mops are ready to make your business’s floor clean and safe. Expertly crafted, professionally cared for microfiber wet mop make cleaning efforts efficient and safe. 

Get Your Mops from Dust-Tex Today!

Get the Honolulu mop rental service that will take your floor care further. Contact Dust-Tex at (808) 842-4811 to get started or to learn more about our services!