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Chef Uniforms

Our Chef Uniforms Will Help Your Employees Dress to Impress

Good chef uniforms are absolutely critical in any restaurant kitchen. You need chef uniforms that offer mobility, comfort and breathability to your chefs while also protecting them from the hazards of an industrial kitchen. You need chef uniforms that are constructed with great workmanship and high-quality materials that can last through regular laundering without breaking down. You need chef uniforms that can handle stains and spills and still look great after being washed. In short, you need uniforms from Dust-Tex.

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Chef Coats and Pants

Our stylish chef coats and pants come in black and white so you can select the right uniform aesthetic for your restaurant. Our chef apparel looks great while keeping your restaurant workers safe on the job.

Let’s Get to Work!

With a restaurant apparel service from Dust-Tex Honolulu, you will always have the restaurant uniforms that you need for a day of cooking. In addition to chef coats and pants, we can also supply black and white cook shirts and a range of aprons for your staff! Give your staff a more professional look that will impress your diners while still providing the mobility and functionality that your employees need to do their job with excellence.

We make every aspect of our restaurant uniform program easy for you. We pick up your uniforms when they’re dirty, launder them in our high-tech facility and then deliver them right to your door in pristine condition.

Get a Free Quote on Chef Apparel and More

From restaurant apparel to table linens to towels and mats, we can help your restaurant with services to lighten your workload. To find about more about what Dust-Tex can do for you, get in touch with one of our representatives today! We can answer all of your questions about our chef uniforms and more. Plus, once you know your restaurant linen and uniform needs, we can provide you with a complimentary quote. Contact us today for your free estimate!