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Hand Towels

Quality hand towels for your hotel or restaurant can bring your guest’s bathroom experience to a lush and comfortable close. Though paper towels have their place in public bathrooms, private bathrooms must have hand towels. There’s no substitute for the warmth, absorbency, and sense of completeness that come with hand towels.  

Just any towels, though, won’t cut it. Professional-grade quality and care from a certified provider like Dust-Tex makes hand towel supply a sure and wonderful thing. 

Quality Your Business Needs

Dust-Tex is ready with high-quality hand towels that will suit your business’s needs. No matter the theme, need, or preference of your hotel or restaurant, Dust-Tex has the supply to make it happen. When you get your towels through Dust-Tex, you’re getting: 

– Superior, lasting quality

– Luxurious texture

– Professional laundry service

Hand Towels Are a Sustainable Reminder of Home

Paper towels are convenient, but they come at a cost, particularly when considering their environmental impact. From their creation to the waste they generate, paper towels have problems. The reusable nature of hand towels, though, makes them ideal for customers with environmental concerns.  

Aside from sustainability, hand towels are a more comfortable way to cap a trip to the restroom. No home has paper towels in the bathroom. A quality towel will remind your customers that home is never far away when they’re staying with you. 

The Importance of Quality

As a private experience, the quality of hand towel you pick will be an indicator of how your business truly appreciates the client experience. Low quality, thin and scratchy towels might be a small irritation, but one that is telling and opinion shaping. If the hand towels are low quality, your customers might think, what else could be? That’s not a line of thought they need to have. 

Dust-Tex Has the Hand Towels Your Business Needs

Dust-Tex understands the importance of high-quality products for your business. That’s why our hand towels are soft, durable, and ready to take on even the busiest of bathrooms. To get started, give us a call at (808) 842-4811, visit our website, or ask about a free quote!