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Entry Mats

entry mats

Keeping dirt and dust from entering your business is only possible with high-quality entry mats. Not only do professionally-sourced entry mats keep your business looking good and customers safe, but they also help keep you and your employees healthy.

Here’s more information about entry mats from Dust-Tex:

High-Quality Materials

When it comes to mat effectiveness, quality is everything. It takes a lot to engineer and build an effective mat, and even more to keep it working well. If a low-quality mat is used as an entry mat, it won’t do a proper job. Dust-Tex knows what it takes to keep dust out. It takes high-quality materials, professional engineering and construction, and thorough, consistent cleaning.

Entry Mats Improve Safety and Health

The safety and health benefits of a professionally made and cared for mat can’t be overstated. Aside from keeping dangerous dirt and dust off your floors, a quality entry mat will keep harmful particles from entering the air. Dust and dirt are major sources of allergens, bacteria, and viruses. By capturing dirt and dust in a well-made and cared for entry mat, they’re unable to get into the air and cause damage.

Inviting Entry Mats

Your business’s entry mat should be inviting and reliable in any environment. Whether it’s wet or dusty outside, mats from Dust-Tex will look good through it all. The reliable stability provided by a quality entry mat is a powerful welcoming to every person walking into your business. It provides a place to brush off moisture and dirt from the outdoors and feels soft and inviting underfoot. Aside from the physical comforts, it also looks great!

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If you’d like to protect your customers, employees, and business while improving its image and cleanliness, an entry mat is the way to go. For more information, give Dust-Tex a call at 808-842-4811 or contact us here.