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3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Restaurant Towels

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Running a restaurant is busy work! You’re constantly on your feet, making sure customers are happy and that the food service is running smoothly. But when was the last time you thought about your towels?

Restaurant towels are used often, and are extremely important. They are used to clean tables, bars, kitchen equipment, and more. But how do you know when these towels go from useful to useless and need to be replaced?

Here at Dust-Tex, we’ve been supplying high-quality towels to restaurants since 1981. We know that towels don’t last forever and, especially in a fast-paced restaurant environment, need to be replaced at the proper times.

Here are three signs you need to replace your restaurant towels:

1. They Smell Even After They’re Washed

If you’re washing your towels consistently, but they still seem to smell, there’s probably bacteria within the fibers that isn’t coming out. In a study conducted by the HPA, 56% of 120 restaurants studied were using towels that contained unacceptable levels of bacteria. 

Studies like these show how easy it is for harmful bacteria to latch themselves onto food industry towels. Make sure you’re washing your towels consistently and notice when they start to smell even after multiple uses. It may be time to replace them.

2. The Towels Are Not as Absorbent

If you’re cleaning up a spill and it’s taking wipe after wipe after wipe with little clean-up actually happening, then it’s probably time to replace that towel. It’s natural for towel fibers to break down with long-term use.

So, if your towels aren’t absorbing liquid the way they are supposed to, don’t waste your valuable time trying to make them work. Chances are, they’re too old or too used to get the job done right anymore.

3. There Are Holes or Tears in Them

This is a more easy-to-spot sign that your towels need to be replaced. If there are multiple holes, tears, or frayed edges on your towels, then they won’t only look unprofessional in front of customers, but they won’t be effective in cleaning. 

For a towel to show this kind of wear, it means that it has been used for a long time and it’s undoubtedly time to replace it. 

Count on Dust-Tex for All of Your Towel Needs

If your restaurant towels smell, don’t clean up messes easily, or have noticeable wear and tear, then it’s time to replace them. You want high-quality, durable towels that won’t break your budget.

That’s where Dust-Tex comes in. Our restaurant towels can handle the grimiest and greasiest of spills. From bar towels to glass towels and more, Dust-Tex has the towels you need to keep your restaurant sparkling.

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