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Holiday Menu Ideas for Your Restaurant

holiday menu

No one can escape the holiday spirit, not even in Hawaii! Though you’ll find few winter wonderlands here, there’s still plenty of ways to bring the season in. Adding holiday food items to your menu is a wonderful way to do just that.

Hawaii is one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the world. This is particularly true during the holiday season, when people are looking for winter reprieve. If you want your restaurant to supply some holiday cheer, consider some of these food items: 

Holiday Foods – Tasty and Traditional 

Appreciating the traditions and cultures of your potential guests is a sure-fire way to make them feel at home. There are few better ways to show appreciation than to take the time to prepare their traditional dishes. 

The following foods will not only comfort guests familiar with them, but they will also interest the guests new to them:



Served as an appetizer or side dish, latkes are a versatile option to your menu. Those who have never indulged in this fried combination of potato, egg, and onion don’t know what they’re missing. Give your customers a chance to find out.  

Served with a side of applesauce and/or sour cream, latkes are sweet, savory, and always delicious. 

Sufganiyah (Traditional Doughnuts)

Doughnuts are generally a crowd-pleaser, and this traditional Jewish treat is no exception. Soft, sweet dough and strawberry jelly filling are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth and compliment any meal. For a tropical twist, replace the strawberry jelly with lychee, guava, or pineapple. 


Granat Soup (Peanut Soup) 

For a hearty, healthy, and unique addition to your menu, granat soup is a wonderful choice. Served with rice or by itself, granat soup can play the role of a delectable appetizer or fulfilling main. Integrate some Hawaiian proteins or vegetables to personalize and embolden this West-African dish. 

Jollof Rice 

Similar to jambalaya, jollof rice integrates a long-grain rice with garlic, onions, tomatoes, chillis, and other spices. Spice can take any dish to the next level, and this Ghana-originated delicacy is sure to please any diner looking for some extra heat and flavor. 



A classic, mouth-watering combination of bread, broth, vegetables, and spices is called either stuffing or dressing. Originally intended to keep turkey moist during the cooking process, stuffing has become a staple holiday food item. Usually a side, you can turn stuffing into a main with some creativity. Try stuffing it into bell peppers for a colorful entree.

Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Few food items are as seasonal as cranberry sauce. It is a great staple of the holiday season. You can’t go wrong with this sweet and tangy classic. While the canned version is almost always a crowd-pleaser, sporting a home-made version will certainly impress. Cranberry sauce is easy to make, and is good by itself or paired with other foods.

Dust-Tex is Your Recipe-Ready Linen Supplier

No matter how you want to approach your restaurant’s holiday menu, Dust-Tex will be there. From tablecloths and napkins to towels and mops, we’ll keep your business ready for whatever the season brings. We can even help with new uniforms

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