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Odor Control Tips to Keep Your Bathrooms Smelling Fresh

odor control

Sometimes, Hawaii’s fresh air isn’t enough. If the smells coming from your restaurant’s bathroom make you or your customers reluctant to use it, that’s a problem. Luckily, there are steps you can take to get rid of bathroom odors.

With studies indicating that 86% of restaurant goers think the condition of the bathroom is a good measure for the condition of the kitchen, keeping a bathroom looking and smelling pleasant is vital to success. So what can you do? 

Invest in Urinal Mats

Urinal mats catch urine before it can find grouting and the bacteria that live there. When urine gets into grouting or drains, it provides bacteria and a food source for them to increase their numbers. When a bacterial colony grows large enough, the bad smell can become noticeable and, if nothing changes, overpowering.

Installing urinal mats can keep spillage from finding its way into hard-to-reach areas in the floor. If your bathroom is frequently used, and if alcohol is served at your restaurant, you’ll have to change the mats more frequently to keep them from becoming bacteria traps. 

Aside from protecting the floor, mats make for a more enjoyable bathroom experience. Urinal mats provide a secure, non-slip area that encourages patrons to stand an appropriate distance from the urinal. It’s a win-win for both your employees and your customers. 

Try Urinal Screens

If you’d like to limit splashing in your urinals, eliminate foul odors while adding nice ones, and increase the accuracy of those who use the urinal, consider adding a urinal screen to your restaurant’s bathroom. 

A urinal screen breaks up the stream before it can hit the porcelain and bounce back at the customer or onto the floor. This limits customer frustrations and keeps the floor cleaner longer. 

Over time, the p-trap in a urinal’s plumbing can harbor bacteria. If populated enough, the smell produced can rise from the trap and into the bathroom. A urinal screen will help mask those odors while working to ensure they don’t get worse. 

Use High-Quality Air Fresheners

Smell is heavily linked to experience and memory. Because a restaurant’s long-term success relies on repeat business, you should be doing everything possible to make that memory pleasant. One of the quickest ways to do so is to make your restaurant smell great

Don’t rely on drugstore air fresheners that run out quickly and require constant spraying. Air fresheners from Dust-Tex not only smell great, but work automatically, saving you time and energy from constantly having to re-spray the bathroom.

Dust-Tex is Here to Help

The restaurant business is one of the most demanding of time and attention. Managing unpleasant smells isn’t something you should have to deal with. Investing in urinal mats, urinal screens, and high-quality air fresheners can make a big difference!Dust-Tex is a reliable provider that has what you need to keep your restrooms looking and smelling their best. Contact us today at (808) 842-4811, and let us help take care of those odors.