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Cheap Versus Quality Tablecloths

  • November 01, 2019
  • Linens
  • DustTexAdmin

When you run a restaurant, you have a million things to do. You have to ensure food procurement, quality, and presentation. You also have to organize your staff and tend to their needs. Above all, you have to run a business! The last thing you want to worry about are your tablecloths.

When you need new tablecloths, you don’t want to waste valuable time or money looking for the best ones. However, while inexpensive tablecloths are cheaper than their quality counterparts, they cost more for other reasons. 

The Appeal of Low-Quality Tablecloths

When shopping online for tablecloths, there will be hundreds of retailers throwing every deal in the book at you. They’ll make promises of linens in any shape, size, or color that you need with discounts and free shipping, etc. 

When the tablecloths arrive, they’ll look, feel, and smell like the low-quality product that they are. They’ll be stiff, scratchy, and have a hot plastic odor. They might loosen up after a wash or two, but the odor will still linger. 

Regardless, the cheaper option is appealing. Even if the odor is off or the fabric is thin, you can easily replace them at any time. Plus, you’re saving money, right? Well, not really. That low price tag will cost you more in the long run. 

The Costs of Bargain Tablecloths

When you purchase inexpensive table linens, your payment doesn’t stop with the invoice. The hidden costs of cheap tablecloths add up. Here’s how: 

1. Uncomfortable Materials

The odds are that your bargain tablecloths are made out of uncomfortable, low-quality fabrics. Even though it’s just your customers’ arms and laps that come into contact with the tablecloth, that’s still contact made. Cheap fibers are easily distinguished by touch, and if your tablecloths make your customers uncomfortable, they’ll remember that when deciding where to eat. 

2. Difficult Laundering

With inexpensive table linens there are steep, visible costs. For one, economical table linens are made of cheaper material which is difficult to clean. Even if the tablecloths are advertised as stain resistant, they are not stain proof. If the material comes into contact with oil, it will stain easily. When these linens stain, standard laundering procedures won’t be enough to take care of it. 

3. Water Resistance

While stain and water resistance might be presented as a good thing, there are catches to that benefit. Think of it this way: if a wine glass is spilled in the middle of the table and the tablecloth doesn’t absorb the spill, where does it go? Only the worst possible place: the laps of your customers. 

Now, instead of paying to wash a simple tablecloth, you’re stuck laundering the clothes of your patrons (if you want them to leave with a positive impression). 

How Do You Get Comfortable, Quality, Reliable, Tablecloths Without Paying Top-dollar Prices? 

Low-quality tablecloths are short-term solutions that will end up costing you extra time and money in the long run. But is it possible to get great tablecloths that won’t break your budget? The answer is yes.

All you need is to find an honest, time-tested, and reliable linen service provider like Dust-Tex. Through Dust-Tex, your restaurant’s tablecloths will be soft, inviting, immaculately clean, and ready for whatever your customers can throw at it. We do all the hard work for you, so that you can focus on other tasks.

For a high-quality, hassle free experience, give us a call today at 808-842-4811. Or, contact us online and ask about a free quote!