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Why Bathroom Odors Are Bad for Business

bathroom odor

If your restaurant’s bathroom has an odor to it, it could be driving away business. Here’s why it’s important to have a nice-smelling restroom in your restaurant. 

Food Associations

The mind is always piecing things together. Finding connections between things that are or aren’t actually related is just something that we do. If the bathroom of a restaurant smells foul or is dirty, it’s not a huge leap to conclude that the kitchen is in a similar state. 

While this may not be true in your case, you can’t stop the association from happening. Anybody who has enjoyed the appetizers then gone to a smelly bathroom before the main course can attest to a dampened entrée experience. When they get back, there’s hesitance and a speculative attitude towards the food. It’s chewed slower, a napkin is clenched ready in hand, their faces show reluctance to swallow. Gone is the flush of joy as the appetizers swirled. 

They want a relaxed and light experience, not an on-guard one. 

Prominence in Memory

If the odor is bad enough, it might be one of the things your customers remember most powerfully. Even if they don’t mention the bathroom in conversation with people asking about their experience at your restaurant, they’ll be hard-pressed to give a glowing recommendation. If you think friends are going to make time to visit your place on an “eh, it’s alright. Food’s pretty good,” think again! 

Experience Visible Online

If scent is the strongest sense linked to memory, a smelly bathroom can be devastating online. When your patrons sit down at their computers at home and ponder their experience, the shadow of your bathroom will hang over their every word. 

Reviewers try to be as honest as possible with the hopes of gaining credibility. A smelly bathroom is hard to ignore, even if they liked everything else, and they’ll be hard-pressed to not mention it. 

With studies showing that 89% of Americans will not visit a restaurant with enough negative reviews of its bathroom, it’s not something to be ignored. 

What Can Be Done About It? 

Luckily, there are products to help get your bathroom back in the public’s good graces. 

– Air Fresheners – Air fresheners are a sure way to immediately improve the smell of your bathroom. With both passive and automatic air fresheners and a variety of scents to choose from, there’s an air-freshener solution for any bathroom. 

– Urinal Screens – The benefits of urinal screens are two-fold. They control odors from urine and the plumbing underneath while also keeping the bathroom clean. They help limit splashing.

– Urinal Mats – Much of the odors from bathrooms comes from bacteria that feeds on nutrients found in urine. Urinal mats absorb urine before it can reach and hide in grouting or floor drains. When these mats are replaced and cleaned by certified professionals, the problem is gone and the next mat awaits. 

Dust-Tex is Your Bathroom Smell Solution 

If you want one company to take care of all your bathroom’s odor needs, you’re in the right place. Dust-Tex is the experienced, professional, and reliable bathroom, towel, uniform, and tablecloth supplier you’re looking for. Call us today at (808) 842-4811, and get your fresh bathroom back today.