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The Benefits of Renting with Dust-Tex

  • February 03, 2020
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What can you expect when you decide to work with Dust-Tex? With our experience, technical expertise, and overall attitude of excellence – only the best benefits for your business!

Dust-Tex aims to give businesses across Honolulu some of the best and most satisfactory services in commercial linens and uniforms. We’ve listed down the benefits in store for you below.


Dust-Tex is in the business of delivering convenience. More than just delivering linens and uniforms, we offer you, our clients, the freedom to focus on more important things and not be strapped with linen concerns. 

This includes making sure deliveries and pickups are correct and on-time, ensuring that your invoices are transparent and accurate so you don’t slave away computing hidden charges, being available for last-minute changes in orders or repairs and replacements, and always being there for you, no matter how big or small your unforeseen circumstances may be.

Product Quality

Dust-Tex champions for excellent quality in everything that we do. We have one of the strictest product quality control procedures, ensuring that the highest standards are maintained in every stage of our operations. When you rent with Dust-Tex, you get peace of mind knowing that every item you and your customers use are nothing short of the best.

Professional Service

Dust-Tex provides you with professional, reliable service. You can expect top-notch results that can only come from our highly skilled personnel. Everything is carried out with efficiency and effectiveness, leaving you with nothing more to worry about.

Comprehensive Service Support

You can expect support from Dust-Tex on multiple fronts involving your linen and uniform services. From storage to inventory, Dust-Tex backs you up on your every need. Contact a Dust-Tex support team member today to learn more about how we can help you.

Long-Term Savings

Contrary to popular belief, linen and uniform rental services are not always more expensive than purchasing your own supply. With the right rental service partner, you can build up on savings on top of getting your linens and uniforms hassle free. 

Dust-Tex saves you from the massive costs of outright purchase as well as the costs of maintaining, repairing and replacing your items. You also save on the costs that dedicated laundry personnel would have incurred on your business.

Dust-Tex is Your Premier Linen, Uniform, and Facility Service Partner

Contact us today! We have a whole range of services available for different businesses and industries. We also have a top-notch selection of various commercial linens, uniforms, and janitorial and maintenance products for complete solutions and the best results.

Above all, we’re here to make your job easier! Call Dust-Tex today at (808) 842-4811 for more details. You can speak with a qualified customer service representative.