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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Restaurant

  • March 02, 2020
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spring cleaning tips

Spring is right around the corner, so roll up your sleeves and get ready for spring cleaning season!

Spring cleaning a restaurant sometimes feels like a guessing game, and no one is exactly sure if they’re doing too much or too little. Before you get overwhelmed by the task at hand, here’s a simple checklist and a couple of tips to help you get the best results for spring cleaning your restaurant:

Curbs and Entryways

Give your curbs and entrances a good scrub down to remove any accumulated dirt and mud. It’s best to use a strong detergent and power washer. During the wetter months, moss can also grow through the cracks and become potential slip and fall hazards. You might need to turn to chemical solutions for that. Spring cleaning is a good time to thoroughly inspect any cracks or deformities on your curbside to avoid slip, trip and fall disasters.

Give your signs, doorways and windows some extra love too with a good scrub, a fresh coat of paint, and a clean, new entrance mat.

Dining Furniture

Cushioned booths and seats should be steam-cleaned in lieu of a good wash, and those that can be washed need a good, deep clean – especially in tiny nooks and crannies where bits of food could have fallen in. Connective parts like the sides of chairs and the seams on the tabletops are especially notorious for these, so keep an eye on them.

Kitchen Appliances

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to deep-clean your kitchen appliances like ovens, mixers, and stoves. Don’t forget to give special attention to your hoods as they can stock up on grease which isn’t only off-putting, but a fire hazard as well. 


Spring cleaning your storage space involves taking inventory of your old stocks and cleaning the pantry. Don’t forget to look closely at your shelves, especially the tops and bottoms, and the far tucked away corners. Dust and grime tend to gather in these often-neglected spaces. 

Freezer and Refrigerators

Keeping your freezers and walk-in refrigerators – as well as its contents – in order is not just a matter of hygiene and food safety. Clean and organized refrigerators and freezers are also more efficient in their energy use which, of course, translates to savings.

Windows and Floors

Blinds and shades should be cleaned or replaced, and glass windows should be properly polished. Floors must be thoroughly cleaned and polished as well. If your floors and walls are tiled, give the grout a nice, deep cleanse to get rid of accumulated dirt. Give your floor mats a thorough, professional clean or replace them if necessary.  

Electrical Fixtures

In tropical places like Hawaii, light fixtures tend to gather dust more easily because of the climate. Accumulated dust can impede the effectiveness of your fixtures and result in poor lighting, thus making it a safety hazard. Certain light fixtures are more prone to gathering dust. If your restaurant is still using these, it might be time to upgrade to something that’s easier to clean and maintain. 


The state of your restrooms plays a crucial role in getting and keeping customers. It’s true: a study shows that 50% of diners badmouth a restaurant with poor restroom conditions. A good 30% refuse to return to a restaurant where they had a rather unpleasant restroom experience. 

Aside from strict daily upkeep, your restrooms could use some periodic maintenance that you can time with your spring cleaning. Include your water fixtures in your restroom spring cleaning list.   


Spring cleaning should include looking at your restaurant’s fabric inventory like table linens and curtains. Replace your curtains and table linens with a fresher set of colors to match the season. Make sure your back-of-the-house linens are taken care of too!

Dust-Tex is Here to Help!

Dust-Tex is here to make your spring cleaning easier. We offer high-quality restaurant linen, uniforms, mats, mops, towels, and facility services. Contact Dust-Tex today at (808) 842-4811 to learn more about our restaurant linen program!