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What Makes Dust-Tex Honolulu’s Best Service Provider? 

  • June 17, 2020
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Honolulu's best service provider

Are you with the right linen service partner? Finding Honolulu’s best service provider is not as straightforward or as easy as it seems. There are many factors to consider, things to look into, calls to make, and reviews to read. 

Thankfully, Dust-Tex is an option for Honolulu businesses looking for professional linen, uniform, and facility service. Dust-Tex will make it easy for you. What, exactly, can you expect from partnering with us? Aside from on-time deliveries and clean garments and linens, there is more in store for you and your business when you sign up for a partnership with Dust-Tex:

We’re Good at What We Do 

Dust-Tex has been in business since 1981, but our values and guiding principles go further back than that.  Our mother company, Hakuyosha, promoted the values of committed service, quality materials, and customer value starting in 1906. We’ve changed a lot since then, but those core values remain a firm foundation.

All of those years contributed to our expertise—a process that taught us the principles we know today. Those being: uphold high standards on product quality, produce results, ensure efficiency and punctuality, and maintain close relationships with clients.

Honolulu’s Best Service Provider Has What You Need

Dust-Tex is Honolulu’s one-stop shop for a wide range of commercial linen services as well as dry cleaning services. Whether you’re looking to freshen up your restaurant tables with better linens, get some stylish yet functional new uniforms and apparel for your workforce, stock up on some hardy towels, or just need help keeping your business’s floors and bathrooms clean and safe, Dust-Tex is here for you.

Like everything we do, our rental services are founded on a principle of excellence. This means that with every item that we drop off at your doorstep, you will get our brand of excellence. Our items are clean, properly packaged, and have been handpicked for durability that will outlast the longest shifts. 

We Will Always Pick Up the Phone 

One of the tenets of our service is reliability – and that goes beyond the quality of service that we deliver. We work hard to be there for our clients as much and as best as we can. Whether to ask about products, discuss concerns, schedule emergency deliveries or order adjustments, we’ll be there. When you call, whoever answers will go the extra mile to assist you and meet your needs.

Partner With Dust-Tex Today!

Interested? Give us a call today! Our friendly experts and in-house consultants would be more than happy to assist you and walk you through your Dust-Tex options. Dial (808) 842-4811 or send us a message here.