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What a Professional Mat Service Can Do for Your Business

  • July 08, 2020
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How much time do you or your employees spend washing your own floor mats? Do you worry about whether or not your floor mats need cleaning or replacing? You might not notice it every day, but these little things can add up. If any of these anxieties are present, it might be time to consider professional mat service. 

Does Your Business Need a Professional Mat Service?

Signing up for a mat service has many benefits. That is, of course, if you sign up for one that is as reliable as it is excellent. But what can you expect from a mat service provider anyway? How will it benefit your business? 

Quality, Delivered

One of the biggest benefits of working with a mat rental service is bringing your business better-quality floor mats. The floor mat options usually available on the retail market are either in poor quality, or are sold at prices that do not match the quality they come in. 


Floor mat services open your doors to a wider selection of high-quality floor mats that are not easily available in retail and hardware stores – at prices that are more affordable! Not only that, but floor mat services give you more options outside of outright purchases. With renting or leasing, floor mat service providers give you better quality products in a payment arrangement that is friendlier on your budget.

Improve Cleanliness 

Professional maintenance services from a floor mat provider are always a better, easier, and more convenient way to get the most out of your floor mats. With their skill, experience, in-depth knowledge of floor mats, and better technologies, you can expect your floor mats to be cleaned efficiently and effectively, without hurting their quality.

Increase Productivity 

More than anything else, a floor mat service provider brings you convenience. They allow you the freedom of not having to worry about or care for your floor mats – not their quality, not with how clean they are, not with when they need to be replaced – and get the maximum benefit without lifting a finger. A reliable mat service provider will do all of that so you can focus on your business and your customers, get more things done, and give your employees more important tasks. 

Dust-Tex is Your Reliable Floor Mat Provider

Get the help that you need for the floor care that your business deserves. Call Dust-Tex today at (808) 842-4811. We’d be happy to walk you through our floor mat services and our flexible options.