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Why Dust-Tex Should Deliver Your Tablecloths and Napkins

  • August 05, 2020
  • Linens
  • DustTexAdmin
Restaurant TAblecloth and Napkin Service

There are many, daily challenges to running a restaurant. Every second counts, every little thing matters, and the smallest changes can have great consequences. That’s why it’s important to pick your restaurant linen service provider carefully to get the best results.

Here at Dust-Tex, Honolulu’s most dependable restaurant linen service expert, our restaurant linen service delivers consistent quality. We work to bring the best results, and it shows the caliber of our products and timely delivery. 

Our product selections are high quality

Our cleaning processes guided by our expertise and experience in the commercial linen. We have formulated a thorough quality control protocol to ensure the products we offer meet the highest standards. What does this mean for our clients? It means durable, high-quality products designed to withstand the demands of restaurant shifts. 

Those long laundry sessions in our strong, industrial laundry machines to get them stain-free and food-safe for your restaurant’s use can easily take a toll on lesser textiles. But not on ours. Our linens won’t snap, lose their edge-stitching, or fade within a couple of washes. With Dust-Tex, you can always expect a delivery of tablecloths and napkins that are always presentable and in a quality that you can proudly show off to your guests.

We ensure optimum cleanliness for your restaurant linens

Dust-Tex brings you the kind of products that fit your needs. As a result, we put a premium on the cleanliness of the tablecloths and napkins that we deliver. Our laundry results make table linens clean and flawless, but also meet the highest criteria on hygiene. This is because we fully understand how important hygiene is in the food service industry. With Dust-Tex, you and your diners can rest assured that your table linens are safe to use.

We make everything easy and convenient

Dust-Tex specializes in solutions. No matter how specific or challenging one problem is, we always work towards finding the best and most efficient route towards solving it. And we apply this for our clients’ needs all the time. Deliveries are planned and mapped out for the lowest risk of delays. The washing schedules are designed in the same manner. The invoicing process is easy and straightforward, without any of the excessive language that benefits nobody. We leave little to no room for error or misunderstandings that can cause delays, shortages, or anything that can lead to an interruption of your operations. Dust-Tex delivers  everything efficiently and on-time.

Looking for this level of certainty?

Wait no further. Contact Dust-Tex to get started on the most satisfactory restaurant linen service you can find in Honolulu! Call us today at (808) 842-4811 for a free quote.