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Honolulu Table Linen Service with Dust-Tex

Does your Honolulu restaurant need a table linen service? It’s easy to think that your restaurant can go without it. However, a table linen service can bring your business many advantages, many of which you might not be aware of. 

Honolulu Apron Rental Service Through Dust-Tex

If you’re looking for the best Honolulu apron rental, look no further. Dust-Tex has been providing apron rental in Honolulu for decades, and knows what it takes. It takes quality materials, professional cleaning and transporting processes, and dedicated customer service. Here’s what else: 

Why Dust-Tex Should Deliver Your Tablecloths and Napkins

There are many, daily challenges to running a restaurant. Every second counts, every little thing matters, and the smallest changes can have great consequences. That’s why it’s important to pick your restaurant linen service provider carefully to get the best results.

What a Professional Mat Service Can Do for Your Business

How much time do you or your employees spend washing your own floor mats? Do you worry about whether or not your floor mats need cleaning or replacing? You might not notice it every day, but these little things can add up. If any of these anxieties are present, it might be time to consider […]

Eco-Friendly Restaurant Ideas

As restaurants start to reopen their doors, now is the perfect time to reassess the way your business runs. While extremely challenging and nerve-wracking to say the least, COVID-19 has also helped nature thrive. It’s a great idea to continue to help our environment during these challenging times and beyond.